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Developmental editing is about the big picture; the story as a whole. Taking structure, voice, and narration into consideration, a developmental edit will make changes to help the story flow.


A line edit is focused on the content, style, and language use within the manuscript. This is where we address issues with consistency, pacing, and repetition throughout the manuscript. This is editing on a sentence level.


A copy edit focuses on grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It makes sure your manuscript adheres to the rules set in style guides and ensures consistency throughout. This can also include fact checking if needed.


This is the final stage of editing. This is where we ensure that the spacing between sentences is consistent, typos are eliminated, and any other remaining issues are resolved.

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A passion for stories

Based in Toronto, we are skilled editors specializing in both fiction and non fiction. Widely read, we pride ourselves on our ability to work across all genres and are comfortable working in British, Canadian, and American English. 

Our process is encouraging and collaborative and we love working with authors and publishers to bring their books to life.

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Please fill out our contact form to request a quote and include as much detail as possible about your project. We will get back to you within 2 business days.

Please note we are only able to provide services in English.

Thanks for submitting!

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Joni Di Placido grew up in Edinburgh and moved to the sleepy Scottish town of St Andrews to study modern languages and literature. She spent time teaching English in Italy and Latin America before moving to Toronto, where she attained her Graduate Certificate in Publishing. Joni loves language and has a great eye for detail; she really enjoys getting into the finer details of line editing and copy editing across multiple genres.



Rachel Wharton left her hometown at seventeen to follow her love of literature to the English department at York University. After graduating with her B.A. in English Literature, Rachel spent some time working odd jobs in both Manhattan and Sydney, before returning to her true geographical love, Toronto, and receiving her Graduate Certificate in Publishing. A fan of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Rachel loves helping authors build their fantastical worlds and with a passion for storytelling in all forms, she is an expert at shaping narrative regardless of genre.


From the Source

Page & Proof is a dream editor, and a joy to work with. They have edited two of my fiction manuscripts, and in both instances provided such insightful feedback that improved the stories as a whole. They truly understands the craft of writing, from broad narrative strokes to subtle character moments to nitty-gritty line edits. They can see the potential in even the roughest manuscript, and provides concrete edits to take that manuscript from zero to hero. I can't recommend Page & Proof enough. They're speedy, professional, and genuinely love their work. Hire them immediately -- your books will be better for it!

Meg Smitherman

Page & Proof have been my go-to editors for years. They have helped me take everything from essays and scientific papers to scholarship and grad school applications to the next level. Their thoughtful feedback helped me understand the reasoning behind their edits in a way that has helped me become a better writer. I highly recommend Page & Proof for all your editing needs!

Sarah Muncaster RD

I have used Page & Proof on several projects and have always been highly impressed with their attention to detail and their ability to sensitively communicate any revisions. They have always been attentive to deadlines and have delivered all projects on time. I would encourage any person looking for an experienced publishing professional for editing work to use Page & Proof as every project has benefitted the project tremendously from their expertise.

Ashley Blumson Gillis

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